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Counselling Rates


Sessions with Individuals or Couples

60 minute session   $120 (+GST)

90 minute session   $160 (+GST)


Sessions with Individuals or Couples

60 minute sessions  $120.00 (+GST)

90 minute sessions  $180.00 (+GST)

Herman & Karen Together with a Couple

Couples often find it effective to have both of us supporting them.

90 minute session $250

Session Intensives

Hourly counselling rate plus accommodation at Spirit Lodge, our rental suite. Depending on the time of year, we can sometimes offer a slightly reduced accommodation rate.

Intake Process

When you call our office we will be able to answer any questions you have about the intake process and how you can get started. 

Counselling Sessions

Sometimes people just want to consult about a difficulty for one or two sessions. Most engage in short-term work lasting 10 to 20 sessions. Some want more substantial gains in personal growth and engage in longer term therapy and Clearing work.


Herman Commandeur:

Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Downtown Osoyoos Office) 

Tuesday and Wednesday (Zoom)

Karen Goodfellow:

Tuesday - Wednesday 9am-6p 

Anarchist Mtn. location, Zoom or phone

Payment Options

  • If you are seeing us in person we accept cash, cheque, credit card or e-transfer at the time of the session.
  • For out of office clients (Skype or Phone)prepayment is required. 
  • Prices include prep time and post session record keeping in compliance with federal regulatory standard. 

Ethics & Boundaries

Confidentiality is of utmost importance so that you have the safety you deserve. There are some limits to confidentiality (requirement by law to report child abuse, subpoenaed records by the Court or we may be called to testify, and if your life or somebody else's life is in danger). In these cases, we will initiate actions to keep you or others safe. Aside from these exceptions, issues discussed in counselling sessions remain confidential.

We willingly abide by all ethical guidelines as set out by our governing body and are insured.

Herman Commandeur MTC  (#2018)

Karen Goodfellow MTC, RCS (#2015)

Insurance & Benefits Providers

Please consult with your human resources department or insurance company to determine whether your employee extended benefit plan covers therapy provided by Master Therapeutic Counsellors (RTC) registered with the Association of Cooperative Therapeutic Counsellors of Canada (ACCT). If you have insurance coverage you still pay us at the time of service and then submit receipts for reimbursement. 

This list is updated sporadically. To find up to date information or to find out how we can help you get reimbursement through your provider, please email us. 

  • Sun Life
  • Pacific Blue Cross for plans that cover the services of clinical counsellors.
  • Green Shield for plans that cover the services of clinical counsellors. To be covered through Green Shield Canada please set up a Health Professional Provider of Service Account by filling out the application.
  • Equitable Life of Canada for plans that cover the services of clinical counsellors.
  • ClaimSecure for plans that cover the services of clinical counsellors.
  • ManuLife claims are reviewed on a case by case basis; they do not do a formal review of associations.
  • New: Great West Life is on the horizon.

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