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(Systemic) Constellations

A constellation is a practical, effective, therapeutic intervention or process that highlights invisible, unspoken and patterned dynamics of a persistent life struggle or dilemma.

Everything is part of a system and Systemic Constellations provide a visual and visceral way of exploring and clarifying any problem.

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Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Release

Trauma work that works with the body (somatic experiencing) is more effective than talk therapy in many cases (Khan 2014) . 

Trauma is a frozen response (as opposed to 'fight or flight') and trauma release work gently and safely unfreezes and discharges the stuckness. 

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Counselling Supervision

The counselling profession in Canada ensures that counsellors receive supervision as an effective way to safeguard clients and the counsellors.

Counselling Supervision integrates theoretical, conceptual and experiential theory into practical, effective, grounded skills and strategies.

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